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10 Food Comparisons Prove You Know Nothing About Diets

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These are the ultimate diet hacks to keep a low-calories lifestyle, but not stress out on the daily about it. You don’t have to sacrifice foods you love in order to get results. You don’t have to maniacally count calories and eat rice cakes all day. But going the healthier route instead of the snack one (most of the time at least) will help you derive vitamins and minerals naturally.



1 Handful of Walnuts(100 g) = 1 Order of French Fries
Yes, both of these foods have fats. But they’re extremely different! Walnuts are filled with energy sustaining good fats, while French fries are oily, deep fried, and will weigh you down. No energy boost there. But ok to sub once in a while 😉



1 Glass of Multi-Fruit Smoothie = 1 Small Bottle of Coca-Cola
Weirdly enough, smoothies aren’t that great for you. Any time you juice/grind up a fruit, you’re getting rid of a lot of good-for-you enzymes and vitamins that just turn into sugars when you juice/blend them. Coco-Cola is artificial which makes it worse, and sodas are really addictive, but the two are not that far off in sugar content.

1 Low-Calorie Fitness bar = 1 Strawberry Ice Cream
Surprisingly, CLIF bars and other energy bars used before workouts are really high in carbs and sugar. So why not just eat a bar of ice cream? Neither are really great for you and fitness bars are basically candy bars, so pick your poison. Probably more chemicals in the ice cream, though.



100g of Brown Rice = 2 Viennese Waffles
Yup, you can eat 2 whole Viennese waffles and it will be the same as a 100g of brown rice. Health nuts will probably be freaking out about this. Yes, the waffles have way more sugar and less sustainable energy ingredients. And brown rice is also quite high in potassium, which is a plus.

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